TL;DR: On Tape is a speedy audiobook player for iOS. Skip silences (some or all), save audio bookmarks with Speech-to-Text notes, sync between iOS devices and more. Enjoy 10 minutes of silence skipping per audiobook for free and enjoy an awesome audiobook experience even if you do not want to upgrade to On Tape Unlimited. Available now in the App Store.

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A Little Background

On Tape is the audiobook player that I was looking for, but could not find. It lets me enjoy more audiobooks and gives me more control over the playback experience. Too often I found audiobooks to be too slow for my preference, but the traditional rate adjustments impact my listening expereince. There are a lot of podcast players that offer silence skipping features, but those didn’t provide the fine tuning I was looking for in an audiobook player. I wanted to cut out more silence in some audiobooks compared to others. I didn’t want a one size fits all solution — I wanted On Tape.

On Tape Unlimited Pricing

On Tape offers a fully functional (and better) audiobook player for free.

Free Features

  • Listen to DRM-free audiobooks
  • Skip silence, 10 minutes saved per book using Speed Read
  • Per book playback settings
  • Audio Clip bookmarks
  • Speech-to-Text bookmark notes
  • iCloud File Sync
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Supports mp3, m4a and m4b audiobooks
$1.99 per month or $19.99 per year
  • Unlimited time savings using Speed Read

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About Me

👋 My name is Kyle Balogh. By day I write code, but by night I write code in the dark. I live in Arvada, Colorado with my amazing wife, daughter, son and bundle of fuzz (golden retriever). In my freetime I am either spending time with them or working on side projects like this.


Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have!